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Seven things to think about when buying a candle

Candles can be the perfect accessory to any environment, but with so many options out there and different price points, how do you know what to value and what is best for your needs? These are our recommendations for the seven things that you should consider when buying a candle.


Candles seem simple enough: wax, a wick, and a container. What else is there? While these ingredients seem simple, there is actually a lot to consider.

The Wax. Many lower cost candles are made with Paraffin wax, which is derived from crude oil and can emit harmful toxins when burned as a result. On the other hand, soy and coconut wax are two of the most sustainable, natural sources of candle of candle wax. These waxes also burn much more cleanly and evenly.

The Wick. There are three types of cored candle wicks: cotton, paper, and zinc. Choosing the right wick will have a big impact on the consistency of the candles burn, and how much smoke is created. Choose a wick that is too large, and the candle will produce more smoke as it tries to consume more wax.

The Vessel. As we mention next, you have to like the way the candle looks, and 98% of what you see in a candle is the outside vessel. It is also important to consider what material the vessel is made from. Is it reusable? Will it break easily if dropped? Finally, we recommend avoiding tall candles, because once the candles have burned deep into the vessel, it can be very hard to re-light them!


Candles can be the perfect accessory to compliment a physical environment, and when you buy a candle with a burn time of 50 hours or more, that candle is going to be with you for some time. That is why it is important that you like the candle’s aesthetic! Find a candle that matches the decor of where you intend to place it.

And, if you buy a candle with a reusable vessel, you can keep using the container well-after the candle has burned through. Small potted plants are one of our favorite use cases for our used candle vessels!


There are thousands of candle makers, and each has a different reason for selling candles, and different values that matter to the company. When buying a candle, research the brand that you are buying from and understand what matters to the company so that you can make sure you are supporting brands that align with your goals and values.


First things first - you have to like the smell! Buy candles with scents that you love and that you will be proud to invite others to share with you. Some candles will offer layers of scents that augment each-other as the candle burns.

Second, avoid candles that produce black smoke. While perfumes are filled with oils that simply smell good, a candle is a careful mix of oils that also have to burn well. This presents a challenge because some essential oils make black smoke and can kill the candle’s flame, which no one wants.

Finally, it is also important to think about how your body is going to react to the aroma of the candle. Certain aromas have been shown to stimulate the body in different ways. For example, scents like stimulate the brain and promote productivity, while scents like lavender have been shown to soothe.


How is the candle made?

Depending on where a candle is made, varying levels of standards were likely adhered to. For example, not all candle makers adhere to cruelty-free standards. Many brands that do adhere to these standards will note it on their packaging - make sure to look for this!

Burn time:

Burn time is the amount of time that a candle can remain lit for, and this can vary from a few hours to 75+ hours, depending on the candle’s size and wick type.


All of these factors will impact the price of the candle, and prices can range from sub $30 to well over 2-3x this! The unfortunate reality is that it can be hard to find premium candles at the lower end of this price range. But, if you look hard enough, you can still find well-designed candles, made from sustainable and natural waxes, with dedicated aromas and consistent burn times! We’ve got a few for you right here! https://wfhcandles.com/

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