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Creating the perfect work from home experience

Many more of us than expected are now finding ourselves working from home. Are you still working from the kitchen table? Balancing a PC on your lap while sitting on your couch? It’s time to uplevel your work from home setup, and we’ve compiled some tips and recommendations that will 1) make you more productive 2) make everyone on your zoom calls jealous of your setup. Let’s get started!

Establish a dedicated workspace.Consistency is key, and establishing a consistent workspace will help your mind transition into work-mode and lock in on the task at hand. This will especially help you if you otherwise would be regularly commuting into work.

Keep it clean and clutter free! This can be a challenge for a lot of people (us included)!  If it is hard for you to keep it clean, designate a second space where you can dump all of your odds and ends, so that your primary workspace can stay clean with just the essentials.

Optimize for video conferencing. Whether it is zoom, BlueJeans, or google hangouts, make sure your set up to come across as clearly as possible. The essentials: a video camera, mic, and backlighting.

Accessorize! A desk with just a computer is boring. Augment your setup with key accessories like a potted plant or a scented candle. Of course, we are biased, but our scented candle is a great accessory for your desk, with a mixture of aromas selected to stimulate brain activity and boost focus and productivity. Check out our candles here: https://wfhcandles.com/

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