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Aromatherapy From Home - What's inside our candles?

Aromatherapy, also known as essential oil treatment, is a holistic practice that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. The practice works through the sense of smell and skin absorption, as the essential oils from these plant extracts enter the body to enhance both mind and spirit. Candles are one of the most common forms of aromatherapy, and depending on the mix of aromas, they can be an amazing accessory for different functions. At WFH Candles, we have designed our debut candle to be a productivity powerhouse, with a selection of aromas that collectively are optimized to stimulate brain activity. Our 10oz debut candle is composed of all natural soy and coconut wax, with a 100% cotton wick....

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Creating the perfect work from home experience

Many more of us than expected are now finding ourselves working from home. Are you still working from the kitchen table? Balancing a PC on your lap while sitting on your couch? It’s time to uplevel your work from home setup, and we’ve compiled some tips and recommendations that will 1) make you more productive 2) make everyone on your zoom calls jealous of your setup. Let’s get started! Establish a dedicated workspace.Consistency is key, and establishing a consistent workspace will help your mind transition into work-mode and lock in on the task at hand. This will especially help you if you otherwise would be regularly commuting into work. Keep it clean and clutter free! This can be a challenge...

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Seven things to think about when buying a candle

Candles can be the perfect accessory to any environment, but with so many options out there and different price points, how do you know what to value and what is best for your needs? These are our recommendations for the seven things that you should consider when buying a candle. Ingredients: Candles seem simple enough: wax, a wick, and a container. What else is there? While these ingredients seem simple, there is actually a lot to consider. The Wax. Many lower cost candles are made with Paraffin wax, which is derived from crude oil and can emit harmful toxins when burned as a result. On the other hand, soy and coconut wax are two of the most sustainable, natural sources...

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